24 April 2013

How to Find a Community(or 3) Of Pre Readers for Your Ebook project

Since so much time is spent on composing and editing the material for an upcoming book, perhaps there is some value to the digital 'scraps' of information that results from the creative process. Here is what we learned while starting the pre release process for the 'Socially Responsible Ebook Publishing Guide' http://bit.ly/SocRespEbook2013

This approach actually has two core focus audiences:

A. Self Published authors who have a need to do something good with their works AND need a new and innovative approach(Marketing by Association) to reach more potential readers.

B. Socially Responsible coaches, consultants, and organizations(NPO's and NGO's) who have a story to convey to attract more supporters to their efforts.

So I simply went to Linked In, Faceboy(my name for FB), Orkut, Google +, and Yahoo Groups, and did a key word search on groups that aligned with those two themes above.

I joined those groups and observed the discussions and defined the group dynamic, and then carefully responded to postings(DO NOT post Your ebook links as a discussion as this is a waste of bandwidth). The responses were the excerpted edits from the ebook, and usually the persons in that discussion would ask the source of that information, which I would then link to this blog or FreEbook which contained the basic information.

So, what this means is that while writing and revising Your work, it is entirely Possible to start 'seeding' the potential readers market with excerpts and gain perspective of viability of Your forthcoming project.

Hope that helps a bit.

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