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17 July 2013

Why Make Your Ebook Free When It can be Doing Some Good?

Been there done that with the Free Kindling? Might be ok BUT what say we try an EBOOK4GOOD Campaign, right alongside the Freebie Data Mining gigs? This posting will present an option for self promoting Your EbookChild through an innovative Niche Marketing by Association technique derived from nearly 20 years of technology channel marketing experiences.

I had the delight of sharing an idea with Indie Bound Marketing Maven Meg this week during a phone call, and wanted to share this idea with the collective Indie Selfies(self publishing community).

Instead of offering a free Kindle read or some other '100% Discount' on Your Valuable BookChild, we suggest and INVITE YOU to consider an Ebook4Good Fall campaign for 2013.

Here are steps to take.

1. Make a special edition with dedication/forward to a good cause of Your Ebook4Good.

2. Go to and add this special edition to the Kobo Books warehouse.

3. Make a Map of Online stores with this Free Guide

4. Dedicate 28% of the net profits to a charity of YOUR choice.

Send us a link to Your completed Ebook4Good MAP and we will ensure that the nearly 250,000 Members of our "Pebbles in the Pond" three inner rings social network are aware of Your commitment to this purpose.

Care to see one in action? Start here @ where 33% of the Net profits from Wings & Dreams support Violence Against Women campaigns globally.

Up for it?

And then again there are the Jungle Tours through the deep and forbidding Amazon Jungle See this Link for Latest dispatches from Your Ebook guide(moi)...

You are invited to our Community Here

This is a Philanthropreneuring YoU Special Project see

BTW, if You have a PC and not an ereader tablet or e reader, we have a guide for downloading Free E readers for Your laptop or desktop computers.

Hope that perhaps this FreEbook about Socially Responsible Ebook Marketing can be a good resource guide.

And then we have the Ebook4Good edition which comes with Hangout support here

Please consider joining our Google + community for weekly Hangouts4Good
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