05 May 2013

Can You Be A Socially Responsible Ebook Coach & Consultant?

Good Sunday foggy morning from Bavaria where the church bells still toll in small villages, where my client www.sophiasirius.net is operating from. While walking to the bakery for fresh rolls this morning, I was struck by a notion. Like the starfish on the beach, I can only do so many FreEbooks4Good and we are focusing on the Issue about Non-Violence 4 Women & Girls. Yet according to my research, there are at least 500,000 good causes(non profits, ngos, charities, community groups, etc) and they all have a story to tell.

So, whether You are engaged with non profit work, or simply wish to delve into socially responsible work as a balancing point for Your other world, we invite you to a 3x a week online Demonstration training session, where we will guide you to understand how to become involved in this process.

So with a Pay as You Give approach, we invite You to consider attending(only 8 spots per one hour session but they go for two hours each time) on the Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday sessions.

Here's an example of one such event on 7 May 2013

Please consider sharing this amongst Your communities and we look forward to Your joining this rEvolution in Ebooks4Good Support campaigns.

BTW, here is a link to the one I am developing as part of my consulting practice.


Ready for a One Hour session to learn How to build Your Own 
Ebook Niche Marketing campaign?
28.00 Includes Copy of Socially Responsible Ebook Marketing Guide Book
Hope that perhaps this FreEbook about Socially Responsible Ebook Marketing can be a good resource guide. http://bit.ly/EbookInYourVoice

And then we have the Ebook4Good edition which comes with Hangout support here http://bit.ly/SocRespEbook2013

Please consider joining our Google + community for weekly Hangouts4Good http://bit.ly/Ebooks4Good

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