03 May 2013

Leaving Readers UnHappy OR Ebooks can feed paperbacks if One only offers it

Updated 9 September 2013

Dug up this WSJ article about print and ebooks (http://bit.ly/Ebook2POD101) and tend to agree but it misses a bigger point.

Let's assume that ebook types are a bit younger than usual book reader, and that perhaps are considered leading edgers in tech.

Rule #1 Ebook readers are SURROUNDED by Print readers, AND Your Ebook MUST have a link somewhere towards End of Books to the POD link where the ereader can PURCHASE A GIFT CERTIFICATE copy of POD for thier numerous Non Ebook community.

Nice thing about being a linear analytical engineer by background(and there are some good things to that) is that I keep good notes(in an old fashioned spiral notebook too - hint needs a pen to work). So, when designing the 'Telescoping Version' of Ebook niche marketing, guess what I re-discovered while doing such a review.

One of my clients, www.sophiasirius.net had invested mucho dinero to get a POD(Print on Demand) version way before the tidal wave of ebooks showed it's face(back in 2009 to be precise). Seems that this got lost in the ebook sauce.

So doing a simple change to the Condensed Version, "A Man's Guide to a New Feminism" FreEbook, we simply placed at the very last page near credits, an offer to pick up the Ebook(on sale at Kobo) and the POD book(on sale at Lulu.com) simply cause of this one clear factoid.

Ebook readers are literally surrounded by those with other reading habits, AND we suffered from the same ebook centric mentality that only served one market. So this morning on a grey overcast Bavarian day, we simply added such invitation language to this FreEbook and voila, the telescoping is in place.

Ahh. btw, a good idea to add a tracking technique such as bit.ly(and there are loads more) so we can see where the leads generate from.

Lesson learned eh?

Ahh here is that starting link for the telescoping technique


Note: and to celebrate the obviousness of this approach, got a new bit.ly(as noted) and simply went to a few social communities on feminism and let then know that there is such a Man's Guide 2 A New Feminism.

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