11 May 2013

Mr. Pareto is Rolling In His Grave or Ebooks count differently

Being an old math and stats man(careful on old) I am familiar with a gent Named Pareto and his principle about the 80/20 rule (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareto_principle), and wondered how that applied to the ebook sales data.

Seems that Mr. M. Coker, CEO of Smashwords, just issued the 2nd in the series on sales data. Here is that link for review and quite the read it is.  http://bit.ly/SWData2012

So being the wise Guy I am known to be, I 'friended' Mr. C on Faceboy, and this dialogue ensued. As one can see there is some heat here. My summary is that 1000 of 120,000 titles(less than 1 %) ACCOUNTS for half the sales. So that means we all are in the 99.992 % fighting over the other half.

hmmm. now where is that Niche strategy gone. Ahh here it is.

Hope that helps a bit.

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  • Patrick Michaels would be delighted to see how pareto principle is applied on these stats
  • Mark Coker Hi Patrick. An extreme form of Pareto Principle is at play. The top 1,000 our of 120,000 account for 50% of the sales.
  • Patrick Michaels Mark is that 120000 units sold or titles and btw just posted my first ebook to SW but on purpose kept it clear of premium(apple kindle) since we have data suggesting epub hits smartphones and entry level e readers best
  • Mark Coker Patrick, the study draws upon sales data from slightly over 120,000 titles over an 11 month period. Be sure to get your book in our Premium Catalog. Over 90% of our authors' sales come from our distribution network

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