02 July 2013

How To Place Your EbookChild in Front of 200 Quality Online Bookstore Windows

Updated 5 September 2013

Been notioning on this for a while. What IF we had two listings for same ebook on Kobo platform, one showing front cover and the other showing rear cover, and offered each to the client. Would be a good test of which sells better no? OK first two stores listed on our Online Buy Local Map have this feature. Take a peek and reply with Your opinion on what of the two makes sense OR if both will serve better.

Here's that map link(just first two on left panel when clicked will show both links at top of resulting pop up bubble). http://goo.gl/maps/g11OR


There is a long history of self published authors being unable to place their books in Independent Bookstores, which are usually respected for their selective choices of reading materials. We offer this simple step by step process, FREE of charge, to the self publishing community of Ebook authors, as an industry leading service.

We hope Your find the time to invest in this Niche Marketing version for quality reading materials, and take control of where and how {Your} Ebook Child as we move forward with finding and supporting Indiependant Authors through IndieBound Online Bookstores.

First the Free Services

And for those who choose, Consulting or Coaching available for more complex campaigns follows.

Notwithstanding the obvious conflicts of interest with the FTC on restraint of trade, the Kindle Select program offers these frequently UnAsked Questions(courtesy of their website). Our point is the restrictions on the digital distribution AND the big offer is Free ebooks. A few issues with this Offer:

  1. Amazon benefits by feeding the data mining engines behind ebooks to help drive the search engine on the backs of YOUR EbookChild.
  2. You 'apparently' benefit with 100's and perhaps 1000's of downloaded copies, to a completely unknown and perhaps UNCARING group of Potential readers.
  3. Might want to seriously consider this axiom FREE promotions only attract FREE readers.

My Point? Before sacrificing Your Precious EbookChild on the altar with all that Kindling Selected by the Jungle Demons, might wish to consider setting up a more 'Focused' and Quality oriented marketing channel with IndieBound bookstores. 

See  for other options.


We realize that there are many AdVenturous 'Selfies' who are eager to be able to navigate through both the dark forest of the Amazon data jungle AND also develop an online marketing system for their EbookChild with their own ideas. And IF you have an ebook that fits the core online then you are all set. 

BUT , if Your ebook is NOT among those select 4 or 5 topics, then a Map with Online store placements is in order. 

And courtesy of Kobo and Indie Bound listing, it is now POSSIBLE to create a Win Win guide map with Your Ebook and up to 200 Online specialty bookstores.

So without further ado, and as a service to broader epublishing communities, here is 2nd edition of our Step-by-step guidebook on how to proceed. http://bit.ly/How2EbookGuideV2
This Link goes to an online Google doc in pdf format

We hope You enjoy the AdVenture.


P.S. When You are done with Your Own Map send us a Link and we will highlight it here.

This section is where I offer My Help for a Modest Fee
Just in case after doing a few of these Placements
It becomes evident that Help would be a good option

This is a Philanthropreneuring YoU Special Project see http://bit.ly/PhilYoUEnroll

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  1. Interesting post on book marketing. You might want to fix "So, without further adieu" (which means 'good-bye' in French) and change it to "So without further ado" (fuss).

    Thank you. Good info for indies.