08 September 2013

Build an Author Platform and They Will Come OR How a "Field of Dreams" strategy MAY NOT WORK WELL

Updated 26 September 2013

Let's examine a few issues here about Character vice Author branding shall we?

1. Usual YAF novel or romance classic has between 40 and 80 thousand words, many related to main character right?

2. Author's Bio has maybe 200 words and Bibliography another 100 or so.

SO why in the world would a well meaning Ebook Parent(Author) spend months and Years giving birth to their EbookChild AND NOT do everything that is possible to magnify and illuminate that character.

Beware the purveyors of the Author Branditis syndrome.

Trust Your Instincts and let the character have center stage. Here are a few ideas to get started on this aspect.

Oh and btw we will coach and advise Socially Responsible Authors and Self Publishers on how this works out and extends.


A. Let's start at the beginning. Most writers have a story concept or dream, and in many cases, find a main character and others to present the story and effect dialogue. Most fictional treatments which are highly readable share strong character development, and this narrative makes it worth a good long read. 

Now, the new idea is that an author, who pours themselves into this character, and to an extent, becomes that character, deserves to bring that character forward in the marketing.

So, with that we suggest the following:

Set up a charactername@gmail.com account. This will be needed for the Google+ Hangouts where fans can 'meet' the character and author.Set up a google hangout schedule of 'appearances' for that character. We recommend 2x a month on a alternating schedule.

Set up a Facebook fan page for the character.Set up a Youtube account(using gmail from above) for readings and trailers for book.

As You can see, we highly suggest the use of social media technologies and scrap the notion of an author page or platform, since the only place the author's name appears is in very front of book and in bio. 

By allowing the character's name and personality to shine among the social networks, a following will evolve and nourish the ebook activity and also open the community for sequels.

Ever get the notion that Your Ebook Publicity and Marketing Plans are a working treatment for a sequel to this movie clip(courtesy YouTube)?

Could He Be Describing Indie BookStores OR Indie Authors?

Of Course this is a metaphor AND when we all decide to consider that Epublicity Deserves Your attention then Your 'Field of Dreams' can become real too.

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