07 March 2013

Where is Your Voice & Can An Ebook Tell Your Stories?

For the nearly 50 years that I have been involved with publishing, from melting linotype in my father's NY Metro weekly newspaper - through the advent of DTP in the 80's - to the present time Socially Responsible Ebook publishing ventures I accept as my life purpose, one item has annoyed me.

That notion is that there are some sort of secrets that are profoundly inspired (e.g. 'How to get on NY Times bestsellers list) by one person's experience. What is more telling, is the secondary notion that one person's success in marketing(which is entirely about timing) has some manner of translating into Your success. I have found, by and large, that this notion does not hold much water.

So, if you would like to go along on my personal adVenture, as this Ebook about Ebooks, evolves, you are most welcome to hop on board, and invite others who are so inclined.

So, who am I? I suggest you take a peek at three websites.

One:  My visionary online CV which looks forward over the horizon and not so much into the distant past(even though that is there as well). Let's get acquainted through this link. http://www.linkedin.com/in/philanthropreneuring/

Two: Notice the end name on that link. Brings us to another step. I like to call what I do as a Socially Responsible Consultant and Coach, Philanthropreneuring, and that effort is available at http://www.philanthropreneuring.net Might wish to join that group which will see postings about this project as well.

Finally, a working example of what I am learning, and sharing(no secrets) is at one of my clients sites, where we are demonstrating what we are testing, warts and all, to bring a new Ebook campaign to the fore. This client is a long standing friend, and hopefully 2013 will be a turn around year for their worthwhile efforts. Please accept this invitation to see the craft as it emerges. There are clues to the recipe on this page. http://www.sophiasirius.net

So, I like to work with Socially Responsible E Book projects, and if Your story has some aspects of Giving While Making a Living, then we might arrange a conference call sometime, on the house, for 20 min so we can discover our mutual interests.

Contact information is as follows:

Skype ID InBusiness4Good2006
Google Talk id computerhelpers4good@gmail.com
US/Canada Message phone 646 961 3748
email ib4g2009@gmail.com

Hope to hear from You soon

Patrick M. Dacre
Chief Encouragement Officer
In Business4Good Enterprises

Ready for a One Hour session to learn How to build Your Own 
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Hope that perhaps this FreEbook about Socially Responsible Ebook Marketing can be a good resource guide. http://bit.ly/EbookInYourVoice

And then we have the Ebook4Good edition which comes with Hangout support here http://bit.ly/SocRespEbook2013

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