07 March 2013

Example #1 of Ebook Marketing March 2013

In alignment with my 'No Secrets' approach, here is a working example, less than 3 weeks NEW, which is worthy of attention and we invite You to take the time to investigate this marketing technique.

Getting 'On the Map' with Indie Bound bookstore.

For those who might be familiar with how book representatives work as agents for publishers in real world of bookstores, we all have seen those 'Front of Store' displays as we enter an establishment. As You might expect, that retail space is among the most expensive pieces of retail estate in the market. Quite valuable actually when a new book is out in a blizzard of offerings.

So, we decided to achieve Frontage, as it is called, through nearly 200 Indiebound(www.indiebound.org) online stores, with our clients book, Wings & Dreams: 4 Elements of a New Feminism.

Time investment was around 100 hours over 5 days, at 25.00 per billing hour = 2500.00 of sweat equity.

This 200 stores would have taken at least 2 to 3 months in real world, and around 10000 to 25000 in advertising expenses.

So, we ask You this. Would it be helpful for  Your 'My Voice' Ebook to be placed 'Front of the Store' with almost 200 online establishments? And then offer an invitation, through the 'On the Map' campaign, for the focus groups of that valuable Word of Mouth audience(watch for another post here on timing a campaign along with large scale global attention events) so that Your Voice ebook can be heard?

Have a looksie here at the Map we are developing(never really finished is it) for a friends' Socially Responsible Publishing effort. www.sophiasirius.net

As always, am open to discussions on how what I am re learning can be valuable to Your Ebook marketing efforts.


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Hope that perhaps this FreEbook about Socially Responsible Ebook Marketing can be a good resource guide. http://bit.ly/EbookInYourVoice

And then we have the Ebook4Good edition which comes with Hangout support here http://bit.ly/SocRespEbook2013

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  1. btw. when we re started this map site(had been done 2 years ago with google ebooks links but that dropped of the map so to speak) the viewing levels were around 2000. After 3 weeks of development and subtracting the page views as I developed and tested the links for each store...around 700 page views) we are now approaching 4500 viewings, or about 80% higher in just 21 days. Hmmmmmm. now that is interesting no?