10 March 2013

Take Luck Over Skill any day eh?

Update pre Book Expo America NYC May 2013

We have just found a classic work around to add more Online Locations to this Map and are willing to teach You how to do  this OR we can make a map for You. The Ultimate Book Placement campaign Lives and reaches global Niche Markets effectively beating data warehouse ebook and book placement strategies hands down.

See link for map below next paragraph.

Sunday Morning about 5 days into full release of campaign, and was looking at the visitor metrics from main site (Sophia Sirius) as determined by google analytics. Seems that average daily users has risen from around 6 a day(static condition) to nearly 33 a day. As the invitation for 'A Woman's Voice' starts to flow through the focus group communities(stopped using target market after deciding that Hunter/Killer approach is unsuitable for this type of subject matter), we anticipated a linear increase in map viewings.

Here are actual case study statisics from Google Map of Indie Bound bookstores. click here for map

On 1 February 2013, after about a one year off line hiatus, the viewer count was just over 2000 from the previous design (when we had google Ebooks links loaded into the system).

After aligning with Kobobooks (see other posting or part of this ebooklet), we added more stores(almost 200) and then cross promoted this new channel approach(Frontage online store placements) to these four core groups online:

A. Self Publishing author groups
B. Digital and Ebook Marketing groups
C. Women's Rights and Studies groups
D. Channel Marketing focus groups(e.g UN Women)

What we now see, as of this morning, are these tabulated results.

Nearly 8400 map views since soft release on 1 March 2013. Now before we get too excited, we need to reduce that count by at least 1000, as those were map views as I did the design and tested each link to ensure that the ebook could , in fact, be found in that online Indie store.

Update from Mother's Day 2013...

Just release a campaign for the Feminist Mothers of the online world, and so this map's count is destined to go up over the next week or so. Might even see 10,000 viewings before 1 June. Also have bit.ly links tracking all activities in the pop up balloons from the icons on the clickable map. Those will be 'tell tales' for which Local bookstores are seeing the most traffic.

So, starting at approx. 2100 on 1 February, and releasing from 1 - 8 March 2013, knowing campaign is 100 days in duration, this suggests that nearly a doubling of views has happened. We are almost certain that the map page views are similar to 'hits' on a page, and MAY in fact, be a benefit from the contextual use of google places business names. We will monitor this over the course of the campaign(added 19 Mar 2013)

So, in the marketing matrix of success, if we can maintain that same rate and more, the resultant effects on click throughs(monitored by bit.ly links) and further focus group interactions planned weekly, this demonstration test is starting to look quite interesting.

I will post more information on this 'NO Secrets' approach blog as they develop.


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