18 March 2013

Is the airport traveler Your ebook customer Yet?

I am about to fly to Irland(sp on purpose) and realized that we travelers have all seen the WH Smith stores and shops in the terminals. Would it be too cool to be in that impulse focused, captive reading market store?

Well, we approached the WH Smith retail folks, and in purely British style, we are in the queue(which is not to be confused with the 'loo').

Well being basically impatient, I happened to recall that our associated ebook folks at the good ship Kobobooks, just happen to be available through the WH Smith retail chains(among others).

So, wanting a nice test market for the ebook traveling reader, we found that we could 'place' (digitally that is)  our ebook from German women's rights client Sophia Sirius Publishing, their Wings & Dreams title right in the front of the airport shops(expensive real estate in retail book trade) and then announce this to women's groups to share for reading during flights.

I love living long enough to wrinkle a few things.

Ok..here's the map from the site, and we will commence the notifications once we have full store listings for WH Smith(which will tie in nicely with the UK based women's groups we support.

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