18 April 2013

The Five Simple Steps to An Ebook Niche Marketing Campaign

Ok Since I only personally train ebook self published folks with a Social Responsibility focus effort, and after being asked about the recipe we use, I decided to lay out the Five Most important steps, to bring a focused market's attention to Your offering. Devil in the details as usual, but then again the Ebook on this has some clues too. 

See this FreEbook for the current updated version. 


Step #1 Find Your Most Likely Reader and Join Communities They Participate With. DO NOT attempt to create a unique community around Your ebook. Worst case of Ego based branding ever defined.

Step #2 Do a condensed version using Feedbooks as a sampler. Include a link at last page to actual Ebook offer. Think appeteaser approach.

Step #3 Make sure that WritingLife Kobo has Your ebook in inventory. Key to distribution strategy(see #4). See kobo here

Step #4 Get a gmail account related to book name. Set up google +, google map, and google email. Get inside google searchplex(antidote for SEO).

Step #5 Visit this map we designed for a client, and dream about having Your Ebook front and center in 100's of Buy Local IndieBound book locations.

Ok Bone Appetit.


Update 18 April 2013

We have decided to write an Ebook over weekend and publish it on Monday 22 April 2013. Will announce this when complete. Advance orders through Paypal here

4.88 USD advance offer 6.88 when released on 1 May 2013

All information in this ebook is from actual case studies In Progress based on my nearly 45 years of publishing, technology, channel marketing, and research experiences. 


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