19 April 2013

By UnPopular Demand the 5 Steps Guide EBook Lives

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So I only work with Socially Responsible Self Published authors. But that does not mean Your ebook can not benefit from what we have discovered through actual work in progress campaigns.

I DO NOT claim to be some viral malarketing person but will lay the channel and niche cards on the table for anyone to compare. I am considered a contrarian to the usual social media so called experts who I count a few as friends.

However, we found that ebooks MUST use niche marketing approach otherwise Your effort will just be another small flake in the blizzard of offerings.

2nd Edition Now available Here with Loads Of Niche Marketing advice

All information in this ebook is from actual case studies In Progress based on my nearly 45 combined years of publishing, technology, channel marketing, and research experiences. 
Ready for a One Hour session to learn How to build Your Own 
Ebook Niche Marketing campaign?
28.00 Includes Copy of Socially Responsible Ebook Marketing Guide Book

Or As a Gift For Your Socially Aware Community Writer, Author, Self Publisher or Activist http://bit.ly/EbookNicheGiftSW2013

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