16 May 2013

Am I Mything Something with Ebook Sales Figures OR Is There More Market Elsewhere?

One thing I have learned, again and again, is that one sits in the hallowed halls of Geekdom, there is an apparent issue with the Hot New toy for the boyz, and like the tale of Pinocchio, the old toys get discarded. So with that metaphorical reasoning, let us suppose a few issues here.

A. Nook and Kindle are warehouse application sets that are intended to control access only to approved merchandise, and IStore is doing same thing.

B. Epub is industry standard, and one that Android(which is racing past the other three in e reader and smartphone usage) uses Epub approach.

C. Adobe Digital Editions and Reader are compatible with EPub and 95% of installed desktops and laptops are using one or both of these products(that number of potential readers is NOT less than 150 Million potential users).

So moral of the short story is this. IGNORE installed base of potential readers at the peril of Your ebook sales success, AND use the Niche approach to reach a focused market of HIGH potential pass along readers.


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