15 May 2013

E Reading Travel Community 4 Women With a Busy Schedule Summer 2013

We would like to announce the availability of our Staycation and Holiday Travel guide, where the Ebook versions of The Sophia Sirius(www.sophiasirius.net) collections on Women's Rights are available for Your enjoyment.
  1. Wings & Dreams:4 E|lements of a New Feminism
  2.  'A Man's Guide to a New Feminism' FreEbook
  3. The Three Wise Women of Bethlehem
are available as summertime e reading gifts for the Independent Woman in Your Life(including You !)

To discover which Buy Local IndiePendent Bookstore OR International Airport location has these offerings, see this link to the International Guide page. http://bit.ly/BuyLocalWings

The Story Of Rose is available here http://bit.ly/3WiseWomen2012

Hope that summertime reading is a relaxing and informative time for Your communities of New Feminists.

Updated reference: We announced this campaign through the groups on this Niche Focused list of blogs where Women making travel plans are already in communities.


Ready for a One Hour session to learn How to build Your Own 
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28.00 Includes Copy of Socially Responsible Ebook Marketing Guide Book
BTW, if You have a PC and not an ereader tablet or e reader, we have a guide for downloading Free E readers for Your laptop or desktop computers. http://bit.ly/Ebook4PcPDF

Hope that perhaps this FreEbook about Socially Responsible Ebook Marketing can be a good resource guide. http://bit.ly/EbookInYourVoice

And then we have the Ebook4Good edition which comes with Hangout support here http://bit.ly/SocRespEbook2013

Please consider joining our Google + community for weekly Hangouts4Good http://bit.ly/Ebooks4Good

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