25 May 2013

It's A Jungle Out There For BookChildren and Their Authors OR How to Find Your Way Around the Amazon Forest

9 August 2013 From the Cataract overlooking the Amazon Deep Jungle

Well, we have concluded that the point of avoiding the traps "Inside" the amazon jungle is pointless SO we are advocating that Indie Authors consider joining in a New adVenture on a Map Making tour of the World, where each Indie ebook which qualifies will be carried by our digital porters through at least 25 Indie Store outposts on a New AdVenture Map. IF Your Ebook is OUTSIDE of the Young Adult Fiction genres which are permeating the 'Best Sellers' lists online, then perhaps this new adventure is for You and Your EbookChild. See the following notes below on how to be added to our Next Jungle Adventure tour.


14 July 2013 The Darkness of the Jungle Favors the Few

Been watching for signs from the natives and jungle beasts, and they are clear for those BookChildren which are strong and well written. IF Your Bookchild is NOT one of these Five subjects, the algorithms(those devilish trail makers inside the Jungle) will NOT lead a searcher to Your Ebook or Book. This is based solely on one issue:

"The Jungle Gods determine what Your search reveals and Nothing more!!"

So IF Your bookchild refers to anything other than:

  1. Romance Novels
  2. Sci Fi
  3. Future Thrillers
  4. Blood and Guts Adventures
  5. Mystery, Crime and Sick Comedy

Antidote is to consider guiding Your BookChild to a safe community where earnest and loving readers will appreciate their story and share that among like minded folks.

Perhaps it is time for You to draw Your Own Online Guide Map to help Your Bookchild?

See this link for a step by step guide FreEbooklet  http://bit.ly/How2EbookGuideV2

The Next step is entirely In Your Hands.



20 June 2013 Does that Fire in the Night Need Kindling OR Is there another path

Seems that the Gods of the Amazon Forest have pulled another devilish trick, and created mini villages called 'Worlds' which look to become private enclaves for BookChildren of authors who will only be permitted to play in these worlds IF they pay for that right. AND that means that many good BookChildren will go hungry outside the locked search gates of those 'Worlds'. We need to expand the maps for other villages and make a guidebook on how good BookChildren's Authors can draw their own maps. Will be ready within a few days.

From outside the Amazon 'Worlds' locked gates



17 June 2013 The Book Child You Treasure is surrounded by Hostile Jungle Creatures

All the time we are taking to increase the visibility of the Book Children on this adVenture appears to be a lost cause. Seems the Amazon Jungle gods are conspiring to rob the food from the children each time we send someone to help by reading the book at our page. That happens with this sort of trickery:


Seems that the necromancers in the Jungle would deign to kidnap the visitor to a third trail and we discovered that these listings appeared to divert the adVenturer to a part of jungle where our Book Child was no where to be seen. Devilish tricks of the jungle.

More on next report.....



14 June 2013 The trail is steep and narrow

We have found out that the well Hidden Treasures books are so well disguised in the Amazon Forest that we may need to equip this party with more supplies. So we are evolving the process to roll each of these book authors into Epub format(used by about 75% of the world's e readers and desktop and Laptop computers) and will post another note about that diversionary path in a few days. 

See this link about having an option for the 'Telescoping' marketing of a FreEbook to Ebook to POD(Print On Demand) version so that YOUR BookChild is not wandering around the Jungle On their own.

From Deepest Jungle Post # 1

8 June 2013 The 1st adVenture begins

We have agreed to start this process with two books, one in POD and Ebook format and the other just in book format. True to Form, neither of these candidates are 'popular' and in fact, fit the 'Hidden Treasures' format we cherish. Here are the two titles and in the next 30 days, as our GuidEbook takes shape, we will show You how we discover these hidden gems in the teeming jungles of the Amazon Digital Forest.

Brightberry Press www.brightberrypress.com


Firstly we seek the books in the Jungle Based on Author's Name and voila, this is first clue to the depths to which this fine writing is HIDDEN in the Jungle. http://bit.ly/JeanHayJungleSearch2013

Best-sellers rank#938,621 in books seems to be under that mystical 1,000,000 best sellers line
Sophia Sirius Publishing www.sophiasirius.net


This candidate is searched for by title since there are five cooperative authors see this result


Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,273,558 Paid in Kindle Store and How Many Kindle Titles are Ahead of this one?

We will endeavor to improve these invisible and notable books during this expedition.

Make note of how the Amazon Jungle designers make it impossible to find a good book AND distract the visitor with apparently unrelated search findings. Easy way to get LOST in the Amazon Forest when searching for a good reading item. Hmmmmmmmmmmm....

With me as the guide we will adVenture to discover the hidden native tribes who are most interested in these topics, and offer gifts and tribute to their chiefs AND the Goddesses of Search.

Stay Tuned for More

Patrick M
Jungle Tour Guide


Ok Ok..I get it. The Kindling is fresh, the Amazon Jungle is the place that most authors decide is where their Book Child will want to be playing AND there are myriad tour strategies for navigating through the highlands and byways, and avoiding the sinkholes and swamps of the Ebook and book selling jungle online.

So for the summertime of 2013, I will be conducting Personally guided tours for FIVE (5) authors or self publishing parties, every 10 days we will start a new adVenture. What You can be sure to experience are these Five simple Jungle survival strategies:

A.  What provisions are needed for the journey.
B.  Who to engage with for your jungle adVenture.
C. In classic Jack London style, an effective diary to social communities.
D. Visiting with local tribes and imparting Your story in native dialects.
E. Live to tell the tale and enjoy the Journey.

I recommend before You consider becoming one of the 15 travelers each month of June, July, August and September, that You browse through this Socially Responsible Guide blog and get the sense of how we approach this sort of endeavor. More particularly, get to know your guide (moi) with a Google + Hangout, or google talk or even a phone call via skype.

And here is one episode about appeasing the SEO Goddesses with 
special language and tributes as an example.

Your commitment will be for 30 days of Online Jungle navigation. To make a reservation and secure Your place among the Five adVenturing authors or self publishers, choose one of these reservation options. 33% deposit (fully refundable) required to secure Your seat on the river boat.

We hope that you can join us and enjoy a summertime adventure for Your Bookchild and Your self.

Please select the reservation which fits Your schedule. Total is 88.00 USD x 3 weekly installments = 264.00 ( of which we contribute 1/3 to protecting Amazon Forest indigeneous tribes). Each payment is due at beginning of each week of a four week adVenture(last week is on the house since your survival is not assured).

Week 1: Preparing and packing for the tour
Week 2: Drawing a map(Yours for keeping) and travel to starting point
Week 3: Meeting the native tribes and local bookstore owners
Week 4: Returning to civilization with a new perspective.

This will be the Digital AdVenture of Your Ebook or Book online experiences(almost a book in itself).

Contact me Here to be considered for a Private Tour ebooks4good@gmail.com

If none of this appeals to You then perhaps some of our Other Offers below may fit Your particular timing more effectively.

Patrick M.
Navigating the Ebook Jungle Tour Operator


You are invited to our Community Here

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