20 May 2013

The Wind UP and Here's the Pitch for June 2013

You all have been patient weeding through the matrix of myriad musings(he he alliterative are we?) as this blog takes form in last few months. And now here is the payoff for that patience.

Starting on 6 June 2013, I will be conducting online Hangouts courtesy of Google + (search on ebooks4good@gmail.com for my connection) where we will explore how Your community organization, or Your ebook MAY benefit from a Niche Focused Marketing adVenture this summertime.

A cursory review of the postings here are the recipe ingredients and in June we will open the kitchen for eligible trainees in the Fine art of ebook marketing cuisine.

So, we are offering these sessions as a Pay as You Go option (which means that You can invest what You believe is value of the transfer of learning curve information. We believe that strongly in the method.

Sessions will be available by reservation and to secure that place on a private basis, we are asking for a nominal 'Prime the Pump' investment of 8.00 USD as a fully refundable reservation fee.

We are prepared to design with Your guidance and our skill set, a remarkable and solid ebook Niche Marketing campaign, which also will lend support to a favorite charity of Your choice.

Google + Hangouts will run 45 min online sessions.
You will be co piloting the sessions.
We believe in No Secrets Approach.

Hope to See You in the reservation queue.

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